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RV082 and iPhone issues


This is a 3 part question.

1. Is there a way to configure an iphone to connect using its native cisco IPSEC client to a RV082 router. If so, any configuration details would be very much appreciated.

2. If #1 is not possible, is there an iPhone IPSEC app that can be purchased and used to connect to a RV082 router?

3. Currently, I use PPTP to connect my iphone to my RV082 router, but it has 2 annoying problems.

         A.   Every single time that I try to connect my iPhone to my RV082 via PPTP, it takes 2 trys.  They 1st try always fails (and takes about 45 seconds to do so), and then the 2nd try (only if I try again immediately after the failure of the 1st try) always connects.

          B.  Once connected, it will not stay connected.  The disconnect time varies, but it it usually 2 to 4 minutes.

Does anyone out there have a solution for this time out problem?

Other than 1, 2, and 3 above, my RV082 works great.  It has an IPSEC tunnel to another location that works great, is up 24/7 and very rarely disconnects.  I also have 3 users at remote locations that access the servers behind the RV082 every day, all day long, via PPTP with no major issues.  If I could get iPhone connectivity working reliably via either IPSEC or PPTP, I would be totally satisfied with my router!

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I would be very grateful!

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