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RV082 and RV016 Log errors

Does any of you see strange errors in System log such as

   Blocked   MAC 00-18-x-x-x-x is in the allowed list, but has wrong IP.


Connection Refused - Policy violation for a IP (my laptop) -> RV016 (IP). Which is valid but why

This only is seen if you setup static DHCP (I have around 40 entries). When static DHCP is empty I do not see such logs.

Talking to cisco about this not jsut want to see if other users see this problem.

This problem is for both RV082 and RV016 with and firmwares


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Re: RV082 and RV016 Log errors

You are only able to use 30 static entries. Remove it down to 30 and see if you still get the error messages.


Re: RV082 and RV016 Log errors

attached a little doc explaining firewall messages on the rv082 and rv016 for you.

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Re: RV082 and RV016 Log errors

I'm running on an RV042, firmware, and I'm getting the same errors stating "MAC XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX is in the allowed list, but has wrong IP." My logs get filled with these errors. I have confirmed that the correct MAC addresses are entered with the respective IP addresses, but the problem persists.

I also use static addresses on my LAN with the options selected for "Block MAC address on the list with wrong IP address" and "Block MAC address not on the list."

I reduced the number of static entries to less than thirty, but the problem persists.

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