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RV082 Configuration Help

Hi Everyone,

A potential new client has the RV082 Dual Wan Router.

There are 2 ISP's coming into the office - one is from Bell Sympatico - Optimax (BellNet) - DSL and the other is from Rogers High-Speed Internet Extreme.

From time to time, there is no consistency in there internet connectivity.

Currently, there router is set to Load Balancing, but I'm sure with more tweaks and proper settings, there internet connectivity can work fairly well.

There internal network going across the switch is working fine.

Is there any documentation of tweaking and working with the settings for the RV082?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: RV082 Configuration Help

This is the link to the Administration Guide for this product.

Smart Link Backup or Load Balance is possible on this product using 2 WAN interfaces (Ethernet Ports), which will not work if you enable DMZ.

Chapter 4 (Advanced COnfiguration) covers this topic.

Can you have a look and let us know if it helped?

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