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RV082 DDNS auto update to wan2

Our company hosts a couple websites.  I was wondering if the RV082 can update DynDNS to point to wan2 if wan1 fails? This would allow the web servers to remain up even if the connection on wan1 failed.  If the RV082 does not provide this function does anyone have any other suggestions on how to accomplish this?  The only other way I can see this working is to have a remote server run a script that intermittently checks the connection to wan1 and if it fails update the dynDNS record to the IP for wan2.  Thanks for your help.

Cisco Employee

Re: RV082 DDNS auto update to wan2

No problem, since you have a single "A" record (please correct me if am wrong) at dynDNS it really does'nt matter what IP address or WAN interface is running. DynDNS has a utility that you can download and install on a computer that is always on, it will then send updates every hour (less if you have a paid account) and will update the "A" record. So, if WAN 1 goes down which had an IP of and then WAN 2 starts with an IP of the updater will send an record update to DynDNS and you are done. Granted this will not be seemless, but it is better than writing a script and all that.

Hope that helps.

New Member

Re: RV082 DDNS auto update to wan2

That sounds like it will work.  Thanks for the info!

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