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RV082 Firewall - Limit Connections by IP

RV082 - 1.3.2 (Yes, I know this is old firmware)

I need to have RDP and pcAnywhere enabled to a customer site for remote support, but need to limit the incoming IP ranges to only our offices. I have the port forwarding set up and tested working. I then set up rules to deny all traffic on the needed ports and added rules to allow a few IP ranges from our office locations. I even tried a rule allowing all traffic from our main office but that also failed to allow RDP or pcAnywere connections.

Now I can no longer connect from any of our remote offices. I followed the limited instructions that I found in another post but its not working. Any additional help on this issue would be great or even any additional documentation on the firewall functions of this router. If I can't get this worked out I'm going to have to replace the unit.

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RV082 Firewall - Limit Connections by IP


If you cannot connect no more, you'll may need to be physicly there to fix it.

Can you post the firewall rules so I can check with you? (check direction for example).

How are your offices IP ? are they dinamically assigned ? do you have fixed IPs &/or ranges ?

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