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RV082 Incoming Log and 'Connection Accepted' Events


I just replaced my old RV082 with a new one so that I can run the latest version of firmware. It is running v4.2.2.08 firmware. My firewall is enabled. I have the 3 default rules in place and I also have two other custom rules in place above those (deny all TCP/UDP traffic from WAN1 and WAN2 with a destination of 224.0.0.x). In my log options, I have the 'Allow Policies' box checked so that I can verify outbound connection requests.

When I view the Incoming Log I see 'Connection Accepted' events that appear to actually be outgoing connections (I see a corresponding event in the Outgoing Log). When I first saw all these accepted incoming connection events, my heart stopped because I thought the router was allowing all connection requests to come through to my LAN!

The log on my old RV082 (much older version of firmware) wouldn't do this. The Incoming Log would just show attempts to hack in as blocked. This is the behaviour I would expect in the log.

Is there any way to prevent my new RV082 from displaying outgoing connections as 'Connection Accepted' events in my Incoming Log?

Thanks in advance,

Ken M

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