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RV082 - Isolate a web server from LAN

Hi !

I'm trying to isolate a web server on my LAN, using a RV082 router.

I want the web server to be accessed from the Internet, butnot  other PCs on my LAN .

It seems that setting up a DMZ is the best way to do this.

But  we only have 1 static IP provided by our ISP, so, as far as I  understood, it is not possible to set up a DMZ with only one static IP.

Could you confirm that a DMZ can't be set up with only one WAN IP adress  please ?

So I looked for other solutions.

I then tried to set up a port-based VLAN,  I plugged the web server and the port 8 of my router, and set its Vlan to VLAN2.

(all the other ports remaining VLAN1).

It did work, my web server still has access to the internet and is isolated from the LAN.

but ...

for  my web server to be accessed from the internet , I have to set up some  port forwarding ( forward every connexion on the port 80 to my web  server's IP on port 80) , and I read somewhere that port forwarding on  the rv082 can only be done on VLAN1

Could you also confirm that port forwarding can only work on VLAN1 please ?

So  now I'm thinking about  setting ports 1 to 7 of my router to VLAN2 and   setting port 8 to VLAN1 to enable the port forwarding on my web server.

But I still have an issue :

I  enabled VPN connections using the PPTP functionnality,  so I would need  the PPTP clients to connect on VLAN2, but I could'nt find a way to  configure that,  I did not see any "VLAN" setting on the PPTP   confiuguration (neither did I on the "classic" client to gateway VPN  configuration).

Is there a way to configure the "destination" VLAN for a PPTP  connection ? for a "client to gateway" VPN ?

and anyway,  do you see a more clever way to  "isolate"  a web server using the RV082 ?

Thanks in advance ,

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