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Rv082 large ftp files fail


We are using the rv082 router and we have a media server that uploads files to be encoded a few times a day to a server across the internet. The file size varies, however we seem to have problems with larger files (~100mb), they always fail.

Using windows built in FTP on a workstation, transfering a 110mb file, about 3/4 through I get a "remote host closed connection" error. This is a completely different file/extension and being upload to a completely different server than our media machine is connecting to.

Our media server is automated using software that is beyond my control. Smaller files seem to be uploaded fine.

We have an older linksys router we were using before the upgrade. If we replace the Rv082 with the older router, everything uploads perfectly.

I have tried using QoS to set high priority on FTP and on the port of origin, as well as disabling firewall features like Anti-DOS/SPI/Block Wan Request and still have no luck.

If I use a client such as winscp with resume capability, files can be uploaded ~100mb with no problem.

I must also note I am not using the 2.x firmware released not too long ago, because for some reason the router will not upgrade, however I followed all the directions correctly. So currently we are using the 1.3.98tm firmware.

Thanks for any help.


Re: Rv082 large ftp files fail

You might need to get a faster router.  This router is a 10/100 mbps router.  You are probably exceeding its capabilities and that is why you are getting the error.  Just a suggestion, but I would check into that.

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Re: Rv082 large ftp files fail

Thanks for the reply. We are uploading to external sites as I stated, and with our cable internet, there is no way our speeds are being affected by a 10/100 MBps cap when we may get 10MB down and 5 up. This would also not explain the inability to upgrade the firmware with the newest official release.

Re: Rv082 large ftp files fail

If you RV082 is on firmware 1.3.98-tm, it should be able to upgrade to firmware If you encountered any difficulty, you might want to contact the Cisco Small Business Support team.


Re: Rv082 large ftp files fail

Yeah if the router will not upgrade, I would call the SBSC at 866-606-1866 and have them troubleshoot the router with you.

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