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RV082 Port Translation - Cannot use with 1-1 NAT and multiple external IP addresses?

Hello, I found the odd place to put port translation, however it only seems to work for the primary IP address on the router.
My setup with muliple IP addresses =>  (external IP addresses are fake)
Port 3333 is forwarded in the GUI for the first external IP =   - It works fine

In UPNP area  (function NO)
3333->3389->   (This would be for External IP, given by the 1-1 NAT)

You would think.  But happens when I try to remote to the primary IP handled by the gui, (> which was working.  I am redirected to this other server on (>

So, is this port translation only good for the ONE primary default IP Address taken by the router?
How do I translate ports for my other 26 IP addresses?

This is easy in Sonicwall, DDWRT and Linux IP Tables, but I thought I would try the RV082 because I need to replace 50 Sonicwall and the price point and features appeared good.  

Any help greatly appreciated.  Even if just to tell me to return it and get a better router.  If so, what SMB Cisco router would be a man's router, and not a sissy router that can handle port translation for multiple IP addresses.   PS>  These RV082's are not cheap, but 1/3 the cost of the Sonicwall.


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When you use 1-to-1 NAT on

When you use 1-to-1 NAT on the RV082, you also need to add firewall rules to let the desired traffic inbound.


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