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Hello All,

I have been having ongoing problems with my RV082 router. For a while now at random times the router just locks up. It does not give out DHCP addresses, you can not access the web interface internally or externally when this happens, no internet, no nothing when this happens- even with a static IP. This router was replaced by Cisco and was doing great for months and now the problem has started again.

This started a few days ago on version and I upgraded to with no luck. I did a factory restore and did not configure anything. It worked great. I did not have anything connected to the router except Wan1 and my laptop. All other switches and devices were disconnected. Then one by one I started to configure the router. I started with PPTP and then that is when the problem started again. It seems like once I enabled PPTP and the remote computer connected the router began to freeze. I restarted and it worked fine for a few minutes (probably until the remote computer reconnected) and then it went crazy again. The only way I could get the router to work and to get back on the web interface was to disconnect the Wan, restart the router and then I had access to the web interface in order to disable PPTP. It has been working fine ever since I disabled PPTP.

Gateway to Gateway between sites A and B (problem router) seems to be fine. Remote computer can connect to site A fine, when it or any computer connects to site B- the problems begin.

Site A uses range

Site B uses range

Remote Computer is on range

Any ideas on what might be happening here? I really need remote access and I can never get the quickvpn or other third party vpn clients to work.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight you can provide!


New Member


I just tried to go in reverse- instead of going from a computer on the network to the site, I went from to the PPTP on the network and the router is dead again with the PPTP passing through it this time.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,


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