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rv082 split dns issue (?)

Hi all. Trying to setup split tunneling over Site-to-Site (Gateway To Gateway)

VPN between RV082 and Win 2008 server. Tunnel seems to be ok, I can

ping/access by IP hosts from both ends. But I can't get split DNS to work.

Here is the setup is the DNS server for xyz.local zone. It is at remote network.

the tunnel and routing work properly. I can ping either

from RV082 (system management -  diagnostics) or from hosts at local


Moreover, I can run nslookup on a host from RV082 side (local network),

set as server to be queried and test dns resolution.

Dns names of hosts from xyz.local are resolved correctly.

But. If I use nslookup on host to query RV082 as a DNS server and query for

a host from xyz.local it responds that xyz.local is nonexistent domain. The same

result I get trying to resolve/ping same name on system management -  diagnostics

page. Resolution of names from xyz.local fails. But Internet names are resolved

just fine.

I've tried to reboot the router,  connect/disconnect the tunnel, set Domain Name fields of

split DNS configuration page in different ways including fqdn of hosts from xyz.local

No effect. Just the same situation.

Could anyone pls help me with this issue ? Is it a bug ? Am I doing something wrong ?

Any thoughts will be appreciated..

PS. The router runs the latest firmware (v4.2.1.02 from, the hardware is V03 (RV082V03)

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rv082 split dns issue (?)

Ok. One question more. Could anyone pls tell me, if there is any official linksys support email/contact form present ? How can I submit a request/bugreport ?

Re: rv082 split dns issue (?)

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