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RV082 Tagged VLAN


The current setup interface only has very simple VLAN configuration and I know the underlying OS can handle tagged VLANs.  I need either an inclusive VLAN (like Cisco switches have with a '*' for shared VLAN), or do the equivalent with tagged and untagged VLANS (the shared port uses tagged VLAN to include the set of allowed VLANs).

Does anyone know how to do this configuration?

There are some commands on the unit, nk_tag_vlan and nk_vlan_all, but they are not documented and probably are only to be used with the main application (which handles all the settings on the Web GUI).  Actually those commands have the minimal documentation:

"nk_tag_vlan:    set port base vlan / tag base vlan
nk_vlan_all:    set vlan all"

An alternative, perhaps, it can be done editing the configuration and reloading it, the section:

"    (adm69xx_1

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Re: RV082 Tagged VLAN

Hi Rene,

Unfortunately the RV082 router does not support 802.1Q, Vlan Tagging.

The device will perform port based Vlans to help segregate traffic, however there are no provisions for tagged and untagged Vlans nor is there any provision for setting port modes to access, trunk or general.

If you need a router that supports Vlan tagging (802.1Q) please look into the following:








David L. Barrett, Jr.
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Re: RV082 Tagged VLAN

Thanks for your reply Dave.

Do you know in general terms how VLANs are implemented on the RV082?

I ask because I know the software is built on top of Linux, and the version of Linux used has 802.11q built-in, of course you can leave it out when you build the kernel, but since its already there that would seem strange.

My RV082 with the latest firmware is running "Linux version 2.4.19openrg-rmk6-ds1 #4 Fri Feb 20 15:16:19 EST 2009", OpenRG also makes available complex VLAN configurations, that's why I also asked if anyone knew how to use those two commands that appear on the CLI: nk_tag_vlan and nk_vlan_all.

Since I already bought the RV082 looking into alternatives is the last resource.  So far I can obtain the same functionality using routing and firewall rules, but I would prefer to do it the simple way.


Re: RV082 Tagged VLAN

The only way to somewhat implement vlan (so to speak) is to enable multiple subnets on the router and have the router be the gateway for all the networks.  Then the router will now how to route between the networks, it just will not recognize vlan tags. 

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