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RV082 to RV016 VPN with non public IP

Hello Gurus

We've got a new one on the table for you.    All comments and ideas all appreciated


RV016 two PPPoE WAN ports with dynamic public IP and DynDNS hostnames on each.


RV082 with one WAN, behind a cable modem.

The issue, this ISP DOES NOT and WILL not provide a Public IP, just private IPs from a "large LAN" they run. (no dyndns here, because it resolves to a private IP on the wan port)

We need to have the RV082 reach out and produce a Gateway to Gateway VPN with the RV016, or at least a Client to Gateway setup.

Which local/remote identification method should we use? all ideas appreciated.

Cisco said it cant be done, as SiteB needs a public IP.  We have done the same setup with OpenVPN under WRT, with routers nested deep inside LANS, and they reach out to our SiteA, with no issues.

best regards

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