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RV082 VPN Subnet Mask Question

Hello, I'm connecting to our RV082 using Windows XP Pro's built-in VPN connection over PPTP. My difficulty is to connect my remote computer to our office domain over the VPN connection. When I ran IPConfig \All, I noticed that my VPN connection puts me on a different subnet mask. Is there a way to get me on the same subnet mask as my local network that I'm connected to ( The VPN assigns me an IP address of with a subnet of

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


RV082 VPN Subnet Mask Question

The subnet mask cannot be changed. But it should not affect the PPTP client from accessing the resources in the LAN of RV082 through the PPTP tunnel.

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RV082 VPN Subnet Mask Question

Do you know how I can join my office domain via the PPTP connection? I've triend both the QuickVPN client as well as, Windows built-in VPN connection. I've only been able to successfully connect using Windows VPN connection. I could not get QuickVPN client to work.

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