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RV110W - Can't connect remote client to host computers on LAN


I am trying to configure remote workers to access printers, file servers, mail servers and RDP servers on my LAN.

From a remote Windows7 client I can connect over the Internet using either Cisco QuickVPN or Windows VPN client. I can succesfully ping the RV110W from the client PC over the Internet and can connect to RDP servers on the LAN using their local IP address over the Internet. However, I cannot ping any of the (file) servers on my Lan using their local IP addresses, browse the LAN or access any resources on the LAN using either local IP addresses or computer names from the remote client. All computers are running Win 7 Pro or Ultimate. I have temporarily dissabled the RV110W firewall and the results are the same. The RV110W is connected to the Internet through a DMZ port on a Edimax router.

When connected, the client can only see machines on its own LAN when browsing with Windows Explorer.

The RV100W's address on the LAN is 10.6 204.1.

The Server's addresses on the LAN are and

When connected using the Windows client, the remote client acquires

I haven't figured out how to get the address of the remote client when using QuickVPN.

The DNS server of the remote client is 192,168.2.1 - which is the address on the WAN side of the RV110W.



RV110W - Can't connect remote client to host computers on LAN


Do the servers at and have a firewall? In many cases the default firewall rules will block access from any subnet other than it's own. As a test, disable the firewall temporarily on one of the servers and see if you get full access when connected using QuickVPN.

How did you configure the RV110W for Windows VPN Client connections?

- Marty

Community Member

RV110W - Can't connect remote client to host computers on LAN


I dissabled the (windows) firewall on one of the servers - it was still not visible to the client when using either QuickVPN or the Windows connection wizard. The (windows) firewall is operational on the client PC - I understand this is essential with Win7. I have confgured the RV110W with two test user accounts, one for QuickVPN the other for PPTP. Since my original post I have also generated a client certificate and succesfully installed on the client PC - apart from avoiding the warning from QuickVPN whilst connecting there is no difference.

I have also created an LMHOST file on the client corresponding to the local server IP addreses.

I have not configured anything on the "basic VPN setup" page - these settings seem to relate to accessing resources on the client size of the tunnel rather than the client accessing server resources on the local lan - perhaps I was mistaken?

Unfortunately play-time is over now until next weekend - this is an experimental set-up running on a live system and I have to restore everything to a working state for normal business operations. Do you have any further thoughts?



RV110W - Can't connect remote client to host computers on LAN


From factory defaults all that is needed is to enable Remote Management and create QuickVPN and/or PPTP users on the router. There is nothing that you can configure in the firewall or Basic VPN Settings that can help with QuickVPN or PPTP. If you cannot access the servers, the only thing that comes to mind is a problem with either the servers or the client PC. As you mentioned, the certificate only stops the warning message when you use QuickVPN. Also, no IP address is assigned to the client when using QuickVPN.

Do you have the latest firmware on the RV110W?

Is VPN Passthrough enabled on the Edimax?

Is it possible to remove the Edimax temporarily for testing purposes?

- Marty

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