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RV110W Configure for Remote Desktop connections

I could use some help.  I have a RV110W that I just got installed and I was able to get the Client working without any problem.  The problem is I can't access any of the files on my system at the office.  I don't see an IP address when I run "ipconfig" on my remote system showing me that I'm on the LAN at the office while coming in via the VPN client.  The admin guide is of little or no help at all.


Can someone please give me some adivce?


Thanks - Howard


hs3082-att, If you are using



If you are using the QuickVPN client, no IP address will be assigned to the connecting PC. To confirm that you are in fact connected, ping the LAN IP address of the RV110W (


If the router that you are connecting FROM has the same LAN IP address as the RV110W, you will not be able to reach anything at the office because your local router will keep the traffic local instead of sending it through the tunnel. You should change the RV110W to something like in that case.


Sometimes the devices that you are trying to connect to will have a firewall that blocks access from any subnet other than it's own. You may have to change the firewall settings on the devices at the office. Try to ping a network printer or some other "dumb" device to see if you are connected.


- Marty

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