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RV110W - File Access over VPN

Hello All.


I am looking for some help here.


I have RV110W VPN Firewall. I have VPN (PPTP) successfully configured and working for Remote Desktop.


1. Connect via VPN

2. Open RDP

3. Connect to IP (


My questions are as follows.


1. Once connected via VPN, why can't I just connect to "ComputerName" since I have NetBIOS over VPN enabled?

2. Once connected via VPN, why can't I access the share directories (files) over the VPN, directly from the remote computer.


Thank you!


On the VPN'd computer, you

On the VPN'd computer, you have an issue with name resolution.  You MAY be able to attach with a fully qualified name, if you can do normal DNS resolution, and that DNS server has registered the names of the Windows resources you want to see.  (for instance, you may be able to connect to, but not to just server1).  Verify the ipconfig /all output on a workstation on the network segment with the server, and the remote server - are the same DNS servers in use, and is there a WINS server on the network?


You cannot do the "Computer

You cannot do the "Computer Name" access since you mostly likely do not have a valid DNS on the computer you are using to access that Computer

Your DNS will become a.k.a "valid" if it contains the hostname to IP mapping that you require OR add the DNS Server on your 1st network to the DNS server of your 2nd network as a forwarder


New Member

How about being able to

How about being able to access the file shares, with the VPN connected, without having to go into the RDP to copy/paste.


For example,


1. Connect to VPN

2. On Remote Computer > Open File Explorer

3. Open \\\SharePath


Why won't this work?

New Member

Even though you have NetBIOS

Even though you have NetBIOS over VPN enabled, do you have the correct WINS entries on the PC?  If all else fails, WINS will broadcast out for name resolution, but since you're on a VPN that broadcast will stop once it hits a L3 device.  Also, to connect to the shared directories there needs to be a name to ip mapping (either via WINS or DNS) that your PC can reference; if you can't resolve a name (try pinging the name to see if it comes back with an ip) it won't connect to it.

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