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RV110W has jitter every 30 seconds

I'm helping a client who has an RV110W router connected to Charter Cable Modem (50Mbps). Router connects to a Cisco switch, to patch panel, to devices. He has Cisco IP Phones, model 303.

Every 30 seconds, pinging the router from a wired desktop, pings jump from 3-8ms to about 300ms for one ping, and then return to normal. At this same time, voice quality on the phones go from fantastic to junk. It lasts for about 1 second and then returns to normal.

I've tried connecting a phone directly to the router, and get the same issue. Firmware is up to date,

While the phone was connected to port 3 of the switch, I increased QOS for the port to 4. No change in issue.

Short of replacing the router as a test, any other suggestions?

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RV110W has jitter every 30 seconds

Hi Brandy, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. I am sorry for your inconvenience, I will be more that glad to assist you, I have some questions, did you configure VPN, Access List, forward rules? Could you please share to us your topology, maybe how many devices are connected to the LAN?

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

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RV110W has jitter every 30 seconds

It turns out that the VoIP provider only had about a dozen or so routers that they recommend. It doesn't seem like a good service to me, but one that they had already signed on to. The moment we replaced the router, the jitter disappeared.

There was no VPN, Access List or Forward Rules. Only a modem to router to Gb switch wiith phones and computers on the other end.

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What router did you replace

What router did you replace with I have seen the same with a couple of clients with same router.



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I too have been seen this

I too have been seen this issue.  Router is default except IP address and Credentials.  I am seeing the same issue and experiencing the same with Voice Quality.


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