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RV110W + IPv6 Webserver Inbound access

Model : RV110W      Firmware :


I'm studying the RV110W IPv6 Firewall in the context of a long IPv6 study / Blog post ( 30+ posts yet ).

The RV110W IPv6 Firewall got me totally puzzled.

I've remade all the tests, and this appears :

To allow external access to an IPv6 Web Server located on the Lan side of the RV110W, it seems that :

creating an inbound allow rule is useless and unneeded.

creating a Single Port Forwarding rule is compulsory and sufficient.

1. Can anybody confirm this ?

2. Does this IPv6 Single Port Forwarding rule actually automatically creates an ' invisible ' IPv6 Firewall allow in rule ?

3. How comes an IPv6 Firewall allow in rule is not enough ?

4. could anybody explain me this misterious sentence, from the RV110W admin guide :

    " Port forwarding is not appropriate for servers on the LAN, since there is a dependency on the LAN device making an outgoing connection before incomming ports are opened. Some applications require ... ... "

   What is appropriate for servers on the LAN then ? Isn't LAN the place for servers ? isn't port forwarding the historical way to make Lan servers accessible to the outside world ? This sentence seems to describe Statefull Firewall functionning, so is the sentence mistyped, and actually should be ' Port Forwarding IS appropriate for servers on the LAN, since ... " ?

Thanks for any help

PS. I also found an IPv6 Firewall ICMPv6 quirk, that I put on another thread

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Re: RV110W + IPv6 Webserver Inbound access

Hi computerone1, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community.

Well as you know Port forwarding and the Access List are different, the Port forwarding forward the port and the Access list create a rule to provide access or deny it. I this case I will recommend you to use both protocols in order provide control of the access to your server.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

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