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RV110W Wireless N

Hello everyone!  Re above router - I can connect to the VPN as per configuration instructions but cannot see the server or access the server shares. If on the other hand, I turn off the VPN and I set up the same server as a DMZ as per instructions, I can connect everything over the WAN, using Win 7 laptop or tablet running Android. Is there some ports that have to be opened with the VPN? What happens to the VPN security if so?. The server is Win XP3 and no additional security other than windows firewall. (Please dont suggest QuickVPN - same result). Being a newbee, I have not fiddled with any other settings and followed instructions to the letter but MPPE encryptation had to be off, otherwise no VPN connection at all. Thanks in advance

Should add that my Win 7 is 32 bit and also that using QuickVPN connection is made but otherwise same problem. Cannot see client from server or vice versa, can ping the WAN IP address for the RV110 but nothing from network or the server to the client


Re: RV110W Wireless N


Give the Cisco Small Business Support Center a call @ 1-866-606-1866 and open a support case. This will hard to explain or trouble shoot on the forum.

Other support numbers


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RV110W Wireless N

I called Cisco SB support center - helpful guy who did not understand what I was saying! Surely there must be someone else out there who recently acquired an RV110W - are you all able to use the vpn with no problems? What am I missing! Come on Cisco - is this as good as it gets?

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RV110W Wireless N

Dear Dshan,

Give us a call and ask for Boris. Let's arrange a Remote Desktop session and I will help you to resolve this issue. My daily shift is 9:00 AM-18:00 AM CET.

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RV110W Wireless N

Hi boatanas or boris,

Thank you. In fact after talking with the support person (Boris?) I did get some ideas and have solved my particular problem as below. I would like to share it with you and the community and if someone has some improvements to suggest it woould be welcome. Now I only connect via the VPN and have dis-enabled the DMZ feature. So far have connected and reconnected several times, browsing files fine.

Regards Shan

Cisco RV110  VPN setup

Client protocol – PPTP

MMPE – disabled

NetBios over VPN – disabled

IP address for server –

IP address for client -

For Windows 7 client and Windows XP server

Using 2 VPN connections

Windows 7 client

First VPN connection (using Connect to a network)

User name and password as for Cisco VPN client above

Host name = WAN address eg 100.258.520.56


            Types of VPN = PPTP

            Data encryptation = Optional encryptation

            Authentication = Allow these protocols (All boxes ticked except “automatically etc”


            Go to TCPv6 – Properties – Advanced – Uncheck “Use default gateway”  (If  not  unchecked Internet access is blocked or very slow)

            Do same for TCPv4

Second VPN connection

User name and password as for server below

Host name is the server address on the network eg

Otherwise same settings as above

Windows XP server setup on the host/server

Incoming Connections


User name and a password


            TCP/IP Properties – specify an address range eg to

Uncheck “Allow calling computers etc”

Uncheck “allow callers to access(can use once network is working properly)


Connection Procedure

  1. Connect to router using First VPN connection
  2. Connect to server/host using Second VPN connection

Right click on the Second VPN connection (click network icon right corner of Win 7 screen) and select STATUS

Select DETAILS tab

Now you can see a server address probably and a destination address

Enter either of these in your Explorer address bar e.g. \\


Eventually you should see your share folder on the host/server

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RV110W Wireless N

dear cisco and users of win 7 vpn clients, as suspected, there is a much simpler solution!  in r110 vpn setup, if your network uses the standard address for example, set the server as and client as192.168.1.99 (cisco dhcp assigns ip address starting with so to 99 can be assigned to vpn clients).

now when you connect to the vpn you can access the shares by just typing the network address of the pc in the win 7

address bar eg  \\  this works withh mmpe enabled. for android tablet users make your vpn connection with the built in vpn and then use ES file explorer by - the lan tab can simply scan and identify all the shares on the network, or you can enter a network address. finally, i have to say if this info was readily available on cisco knowledge base well, i haven't found it!

A Solution for win 7 and android tablet users

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