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rv120w connectivity issues

Hi have have rv120w and it has issues mantain connectivity it is not all connections at once and I can reanable  the connection more less instantaneously after it has happened. so it does not loose the connection to my isp all together. It has gone on for about a month and i have tried pretty much everything I can think off. I have tried 2 firmware's the and I belive it is.

Looking at load of the device it is at about 60% of ram usage and 2-20% cpu usage once it has booted and done all the things it suposed to at startup.

the firewall is not active and just let everything trough all the attack things are turned off.

The logs does not tell me anything at all with everything turn on (

When i use the firmware it was just spam off messages that was scrambled and didnt make much sense.

i have also offloaded the router as much as possible turned pretty much everything off.

I should also probably say it is only trough the router and it is what it is used for it is not used as a switch at all and there is only the wan and one of the Ethernet ports that is in use even the wireless is turned off. When it was on i only got about 6mbit connection speed when in line of sight of the router with the laptop that suported wireless N speeds.

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