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RV120W forwarding a range of ports


I have setup custom services to forward a range of ports.  But when I configure the port forwarding, it only lets me put in a single port for the internal address. 

in all the documentation, it shows a setting for "same as incoming" but that choice is not available, nor is it even there. 

Firmware version


Thank you for any help. 



I think you will need to set

I think you will need to set up a custom service for each port individually.

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Hello,this is a disappointing


this is a disappointing bug. Such a basic feature as forwarding a range of ports does not work in the firmware

You are able to create a Custom Service with a range of port but when you use that Custom Service to create a Port Forwarding rule, all the range is forwarded to the single port defined in the Port Forwarding rule. Instead, one would expect that the first port of the range is forwarded to the port defined in the forwarding rule and then +1 for each subsequent port of the range but that this not the way it works.

To forward a range of ports, you need to create one Custom Service for each port of the range then create one Port Forwarding rule for each Custom Service. It means that for a service which requires 50 ports, (eg ftp in passive mode),  you will have to create 50 Custom Service and 50 Port Forwarding rule instead of one Custom Service and one Port Forwarding rule.

I hope Cisco will soon release a firmware which fixes the bug.



This option is not available

This option is not available on current firmware of RV120W

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