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RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

Hi all,

I've recently bought a RV 120W Wireless-N VPN Firewall hoping it would ease me in creating VPN and remote connectivity. But I seems to be struggling with this.

Here is my situation.


When I bought my Cisco router I didn't know it had an ethernet port for WAN. I thought it would have a RJ11 compliant port. So now I am having to put the router behind my modem.

I gave my modem's LAN and to RV120W I gave

All PC's are not connected to internet via RV120W. For RV120W, the local IP network is I've set as the management IP of the Cisco RV120W. All the PC's can get internet from the above layout arrangement.

With frustration, I've portforwared all my ports on the modem (except 1 port) to RV120W i.e to IP

If I enable PPTP on RV120W I can ping its port (1723 i remember) from outside. If I connect to port 80 from outside my network, I can get the managemnt interface of the RV120W.

With the help of the RV120W's userguide I managed to create VPN policy stuff via the 'basic VPN Setup' menu. The guides says to use a wizard but there is no wizard for VPN setup.

With that I have even created users (of every type) but I just can't make the connection.

When I use the QuickVPN to connect... its goes from "Connecting", "Activating Policy" again "Connecting" and then a big error saying a couple of things that might have caused the error.

I want to start from the beginning.

Can somebody please help me.

First... what I am I supposed to put in the fields of the following screenshot. Especially the fields "Remote WAN's IP Address", "Local WAN's IP Address" and "Local LAN IP Address".

screenshot 1.png

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New Member

Re: RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

What ASDL modem do you have?  First off, it seems to be in router mode (NAT).  It needs to be turned into a regular modem.  I think folks call it in "bridge" mode.

My cable modem (actually a router) did the same thing when Time Warner came out and replaced my old cable modem with a DOCSIS 3.0 router.  Fortunately the router had a setting "Rg PassThrough" that turns the router into a regular cable modem bypassing all NAT, firewall, etc functionality. 

Let's see if we can get your router/cable modem to do the same.  You also need to disable any wireless features in that modem as well.

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

I think the modem is a Planet AD4101

The VPN passthrough feature is not avaiable in this modem.

Disabling wireless... haven't tried that. Will do so.

Bridge mode..hmm.. let me see how I can turn that on.

Thanks mate. I'll get back from the 'dungeon'

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

I am downloading the manual for your router right now.  I hope to find a way to turn off NAT, firewall, etc in order to turn it into a regular modem.

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

The manual sucks.  You are going to have to go through the GUI options to determine if there is an option to turn everything off.  Otherwise I suggest you put the RV120W on the DMZ on the ADN-4101 and turn off all firewall, DoS, etc options.  I am trying to help you get away from double NAT'ing, etc.    The RV120W should be the device taking care of all this.

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

Is this the one?

Actually I have already setup the DMZ thing. (Not 100% sure If I've done it right).

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

...and also there is this .

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

from the modem I'm initating the dialup connection (PPPoE).

Should the modem do this? or should the modem be just bridged? If so... then the PPPoE should be initiated by RV120W right?

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

I don't use PPPoE so I have very limited knowledge in this area.  I have a cable modem from Time Warner.

I would assume that we want your Planet to initiate the connection to your ISP.  But instead of using NAT and DHCP, the device needs to turn off all router capabilities and just simply pass the outside IP to your RV120W and let it be the DHCP server and perform all the NAT stuff.  Basically you need to turn your router into modem only mode.  Make sense?

I would start with turning off NAT and DHCP, but what I am really looking for an option like "Rg PassThrough" that's in my router (in order to dumb it down to a simple modem).

Your best bet may be to call your ISP and ask for a replacement device that simply passes the outside IP and does not perform any router functionality (NAT, DHCP server, etc).  Tell them that you have your own router that you need to use and you don't want any double NAT'ing going on.  They will obviously have to escalate your case to at least level 2 support. 

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

I did try turning off all stuff. But it doesn't get me the bridge mode.

New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

Hello MyVery,

I'd contact your ISP for assistancing in configuring your Planet AD4101 modem in bridge mode. This is a common configuration when you are using your own router that is not capable of terminating the RJ11 ADSL connection, and they should know exactly how to configure your modem to do this. Essentially, configuring the modem in bridge mode will make the modem nothing more than a media converter from an analog line to a ethernet line. This will allow the RV120W to be on the edge of your network providing all routing/firewall functionality. You will need to configure the WAN setting on the RV120W in PPPoe mode. As such, your ISP will also need to provide you a PPPoe username and password.

The basic VPN page in your first post is only used if you are configure a gateway-to-gateway VPN. All that is required to configure QuickVPN is enabling remote management and creating a VPN user. However, in order for the QuickVPN to work you need to have your public IP address on the RV120W. Once the modem is in bridge mode and you have the PPPoe setup on the RV120W, that should put the public IP on the WAN interface of the RV120W.

Hope this helps.


New Member

RV120W VPN Setup - basic help needed

Once I knew about the bridge mode thing from this discussion, I started reading the manual of the modem in regard to the brigde mode setup.

According to the manual, the 'Data' bulb on the modem would be off if the modem is in bridge mode. and I've successfully put the modem on bridge mode I guess. It was pretty easy. I just deleted all the WAN setup rules/configs and began with the initial setup wizard which basically had the option to set the modem to bridge mode. After so, the 'Data' bulb got off meaning the modem is now in bridge mode. I am happy about that

But... still not done.

I put one ethernet cable into of the LAN ports of the modem and put the other end in RV120W WAN port. Logged into to RV120W, configured new PPPoE profile (I have the user and pass details) and attached it to the WAN internet setup config.

I went back to the dashboard of RV120W to see if WAN was up. It didn't. I gave some time. It didn't work. It says 'connecting' but never connects.

What am I doing wrong? Am I putting the cable between the modem and router the right way?

...and also, when the modem is in bridge mode will it forward all packets from lan to wan and vice versa or is it like forwarding packets to all ports once recieved.

(I am learning so much with this RV120W )