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New Member

Rv130 blocking web traffic

I've got an rv130 set up out of the box. When it is behind another NAT, all is good. However, then it connects directly to my cable modem, web traffic seems blocked or unusably slow. Ping and DNS work fine, but responses to http requests take minutes if at all. Configuration is defaulted as much as possible and does not change with or without the other nat. Firmware updated today.

Cisco Employee

Hello,This sounds like the


This sounds like the RV130 may be in Router mode. Verify that your settings are in Gateway mode when connected to the modem. 

Under Network>Routing>Operating Mode



New Member

Hello,I have te same problem.


I have te same problem. Web traffic is very slow and sometimes I can't load the page.

I have verified that the RV130 is in Gateway mode.

Dou you know what may happen?

Thanks in advance.



New Member

In my case, the problem was a

In my case, the problem was a combination of issues between the RV130 and my cable modem. First, my cable modem (like most) remembers the MAC address of whatever connected to it first. It blocks everything else. To counteract this, you either have the RV130 spoof the mac address of what ever was there before (which is what I had done), or you power off the cable modem for a few minutes until it's memory clears.

The trouble is that the RV130 doesn't properly re-write the mac address on every packet. It re-wrote it correctly for DNS and DHCP, but not for HTTP. I had a packet capture, but this was ages ago.

The eventual fix was to skip the MAC address spoofing and instead clear the cable modem's memory.

Still seems like a bug in the code on the RV130, but at least there is a workaround.

New Member

Thanks a lot.Do I have to

Thanks a lot.

Do I have to have "IP address spoofing protection" enabled on RV130?

I will ask my cable modem provider.



New Member

I want to thank you your

I want to thank you your support.

I think maybe I have a different problem. I have contacted with the cable modem provider and there are two MAC for the same public IP: one for the old router and the other one for the new RV130. The provider hasn't been able to delete the old MAC.

I have configured a different public IP on the RV130 WAN interface, but the problem persists: pings are OK, but http traffic blocks (or is too slow) very often.

I have the simplest configuration on RV130, and now I don't understand anything.




New Member

I have the same problem and

I have the same problem and unfortunately I do not have access to my providers' modem. How can this issue be fixed in this case?

New Member

If you don't even have the

If you don't even have the ability to reboot the modem (power it off for a minute or two), I don't know that this can be fixed.

The best I can figure is that MAC address spoofing on the RV130 is broken. 

New Member

Cisco, please release another

Cisco, please release another firmware for this version as this is faulty.

The internet keeps disconnecting or slows down often. Where can I address this issue more directly?

New Member

I have been fighting this

I have been fighting this problem for over a year.  I have about 30 customers with RV130 or RV130w routers with various ISPs.  After much research I have not found a solution that works for any length of time.  Last week I installed an Ubiquiti Networks edge router to replace the Cisco RV130 and the problem was instantly fixed.  In fact all users saw a visible difference in speed.  I tried a second customer with a different ISP and found the same instant improvement.   The Ubiquiti router needed to be configured to provide DHCP but was simple to do and the price is considerably less than the Cisco.  Looks like I will have a stack of RV130's at bargain prices.


How much of a bargain?  I

How much of a bargain?  I might just take a few of those off your hands.  I was researching the rv130 and it should fit our needs perfectly as long as the wan to lan exceeds 300Mbps...

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