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rv130w performance

Replaced a RV4000 with a RV130W and performance is much slower.  Same config.  ~25 users.  CPU runs 50%, system runs hot.  2 VPN connections.  Config on RV130W set same as RV4000.  Is the RV130W underpowered for a small office?


Probable findings:

Probable findings:

1. Verify interface speed and duplex settings, this could be the issue
2. Most likely your RV130W is peaking out, note that CPU and memory does not always say that your router is over subscribed, kindly check your interface utilization and the sesssions

Question: What do you mean performance is slower? This satement is to broad
1. Are your users experiencing intermittent connectivity to the gateway (from the user kind ping the gateway IP address, check the altency etc.)

2. If all your users are wireless, to further verify latency, can you connect a user directly to one LAN port of the RV? You should have smooth pinging and no issues

3. How about internet access? Are your users experiencing intermittent issues. For Isolation, do a speed test WITH ONLY ONE USER CONNECTED

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Thank you for the response. 

Thank you for the response.  I'll check interface/duplex.  How do I check interface and session utilization?

Slower performance is defined as:  A website - such as is comprised of several pieces.  Each piece takes a second or 2 with the RV130W, whereas each piece is a fraction of a second with the RV4000.   The problem is not intermittent.

Wireless is disabled

With one user connected - (early morning) performance is more acceptable.  It degrades dramatically as we pass 10 concurrent users on the network - some number of which are accessing information from websites.

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