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RV180 DDNS support for


would it be possible to add DDNS support in the future firmware releases for RV180 series routers? I know that is officially supported in RV110W series routers already.

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torped020, Please open a case



Please open a case to make a feature request:


- Marty

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Well, not the response I

Well, not the response I wanted to hear

but ok, I'll try opening up a feature request

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A quick update:I've opened a

A quick update:

I've opened a support case with Cisco and will let you know if I get anywhere with this.


torped020, Thanks for the



Thanks for the update. Please post your case number so I can monitor the progress.


- Marty

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Support case629927129 : RV180

Support case

629927129 : RV180 - Feature request to add DDNS provider

I got a response below:

"We have received your request to add support for DDNS service to the RV180x platform. This feature may or may not be added in the future. If the feature is added it will be in a future firmware release, and will be noted in the corresponding Release Notes for that firmware. Please periodically check download page for updates."


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ive just posted something

ive just posted something similar to this, dyndns is terminating its free service, TZO has been bought by Dyndns so only option left in the rv180w is which is Chinese.

im looking for alternate method with out using a windows client to update dns to another supplier and without using another device that offers custom DDNS config like ddwrt.

there is a new firmware release due to fix known issues within would be very nice if a custom option would be added, only having 2 configurable DDNS options is very limiting.


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