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rv180 dropping connection to specific port


I have two of these devices installed at remote locations and connected through VPN to one another.

Things seem to be working fine except for one port which works for a time and then gives out - requiring the firewall in the location they're connecting FROM to need to be rebooted.

Said otherwise: 
Device#1- port 3394 is open and forwarded straight to a device. RDP has been tweaked in the registry to respond to this port (Not translated, I didn't set it up).

Device#2- no port needed to be opened as it's outgoing. Devices allows connection for a time before dropping and preventing reconnection until device #2 is rebooted.

All other ports work, seemingly without issue, even with similar forwarding (non-translated). There's only one port which drops. It's connecting to a winxp machine which has been in service for a while and has very questionable security - so it could be some sort of hack prevention.


I'm writing hoping this is an easily fixable or well known issue. Failing that which logs should I be looking at?


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Hmm..have you considered that

Hmm..have you considered that due to tweaking device#1 that the issue is like that?

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Device #1 is not tweaked - it

Device #1 is not tweaked - it is simply forwarding port 3394 directly to a computer, opposed to translating it to 3389 like I would prefer to have setup.


They have other similar forwards which seem to work to different machines - 3393, 3392.. ect - only 3394 seems to drop.


edit: to clairfy: Device#1 is a firewall and is not tweaked, it is simply forwarding a port.

The computer to which device#1 is forwarding 3394 has been tweaked to change it's RDP listen-port to 3394.

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