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RV180 Randomly Blocking WebSites and Management Interface

My RV180 is having 2 strange, maybe related issues. 

First, It seems like it randomly starts blocking websites.  Only cycling the power will fix this and then eventually it will pick a different website to block.  Rebooting the router from within the web interface doesn't seem to fix it.  It shows up as a connection timeout.

Secondly, while I was attempting to fix this, the router blocked my laptop from connecting to it's web interface.  It shows Connection Refused.  I'm remotely connecting to its VPN and then accessing it from the LAN side.  Again, rebooting via the management interface doesn't fix it.  (I was able to connect via logmein to a computer on the local network and it can connect to the web management interface and it works correctly)

I have no Firewall rules / blocking set.  And I've turned off all Attack Prevention options and rebooted the router (remotely from the web interface)

New Member

RV180 Randomly Blocking WebSites and Management Interface

So Update:  It appears it has something to do with the WAN interface or the Comcast provided modem, as when I rebooted the modem, the 1st issue went away.   Very strange.

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