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RV180, Remote IP, VLAN?

I have an RV180 in Gateway mode, which is required as the ISP provides only a single IP address.

With port forwarding, I need the IP address of a remote computer to be unchanged, or at least to be on a different subnet when it arrives at the destination machine.  Unfortunately, if my IP address for the RV180 is, then when the connection is forwarded to the destination machine, it shows instead of the remote machine's IP address.

This is probably exactly proper for a gateway, but I need router behavior on a gateway.

Is there a configuration setting to change now NAT handles the remote IP address, or is there a way to use VLANs to at least cause everything that arrives from the WAN port to appear to come from a different subnet?




New Member

Doh!It may be the fault of my


It may be the fault of my own testing... While I used a domain/IP that was remote, the router knew it was local, so that is why it appeared as a local IP address of the router.

As an exercise though, it would be good to know if the WAN can be a separate subnet through VLANs and yet DHCP and DNS proxy would still work fine...


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