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RV180 - Router dropping connections


I just got a rv180 and have gotten it all setup, was working fine so i went to bed. After i woke up, the router barely even functions anymore. Just trying to browse to a website makes the browser hang for ~10 seconds or indefinitely. I have port forwards setup to a server, one for rdp and a few others for webpages. When rdp actually connects i have maybe 3 seconds before it starts losing connection and the webpages only load when the router feels like working. 


I've turned of all attack protection, and changed the timeout settings to much higher. The timeout settings seem to make the problems worse and the attack prevention didn't seem to make a difference at all. turning off wan traffic monitoring seemed to help a little. Why does this router marketed as "small business" work awful compared to a residential netgear router that ran all these things perfectly along with wifi at the same time? I bought this router to setup vpns but if it cant handle easy things like port forwards and normal connectivity i highly doubt it could manage a vpn connection...


Someone please help me get this thing working.



EDIT: I also am getting hundreds of warnings about "no conntrack found" but i cannot find any answers to what would cause/fix this any where on the internet.

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