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RV180 Router Mode not working correctly



I have from my ISP a Subnet (16 IP's) and have to use a own Router for this. With a RV042 this works fine, i just take DHCP on WAN Interface and the Gatway-IP from my Subnet on LAN-Interface and set the device to "Router Mode" and it's working fine - all devices behind RV042 can be reached by their Public IP from my routed Subnet and show on remote hosts their public IP from my subnet configured on that devices.


As the RV042 just provides 100 Mbit/s i bought a RV180 to have the full 150 MBit/s available but when i do the same steps (WAN Interface on Dynamic, LAN Interface with the GW-IP from my own Subnet and put the device in Router Mode), it does some nasty NAT and i go from my whole Public Subnet with the IP from ISP to Internet - so the Device NAT's all traffic like in Gateway-Mode and not routing at all.


Is there anything in addition to be configured or is that RV180 just worse than the RV042?



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