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rv180 set daylight savings time in southern hemisphere

I live in Australia and I'm trying to enable daylight savings time. For this year, DST runs from 6 October 201 to 6 April 2014. However, the web age expects the from month to be lower than the to month. I could set it up to have "normal" time 11 hours ahead of UTC and outside DST go back and hour but I assume that there's some proper way of doing this?

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rv180 set daylight savings time in southern hemisphere

Hi Doug, thank you for using our forum, my name is Luis I am part of the Small business Support community. Here are the steps to configure the “Daylight Savings”.

STEP 1 Choose Administration > Time Settings.

STEP 2 Select your time zone, relative to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

STEP 3 If supported for your region, check the Adjust for Daylight Savings Time box. In the “From” and “To” fields, enter the month and day for which Daylight Saving Time will be active. In the Daylight Saving Offset field, choose the amount of time, in minutes, that the clock will be offset during daylight saving time.

STEP 4 Select whether to use a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, or set the time and date manually.

STEP 5 If you chose NTP, choose to use either a default NTP server, or a custom NTP server.

STEP 6 If you chose to use a default NTP server, choose the server you want to use from the list. If you chose to use a custom NTP server, enter the server addresses or fully-qualified domain name.

STEP 7 If you chose to set the date and time manually, enter the date and time.

STEP 8 Click Save.

If you are receiving an error configuring these steps could you please reach out to our Small Business Support Center and open a Service Request to address this issue? One of our Engineers may be able to work with you and diagnose the root cause. You can find the appropriate contact information for SBSC in the below link.

I hope you find this answer useful


Luis Arias.

Cisco Network Support Engineer.

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rv180 set daylight savings time in southern hemisphere

Hi Luis,

Step 3. Try setting daylight savings to run from October to April, as is required in the Southern Hemisphere.

You will get the error "To Month cannot be less than the From Month"

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