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RV180 suitable?

We are a small business moving premises and after using a standard DSL router we're looking for a firewall/router to meet requirements that will be more complex. We have a gigabit LAN and will have a 100mb leased line (so only 1 WAN port needed). We will want to allocate bandwith between 2 groups of users, and will also want to keep network resources in those 2 groups segregated - if I understand correctly this can be achieved with VLANS, yes? The 2 groups will connect to the firewall on separate ports via separate switches, so the VLANS can be port-based and any switches connected to those ports don't need to be managed or VLAN aware - is that correct?
I've been looking at the RV180 - would this do the job? The only thing I'm unsure about is bandwidth allocation as it only mentions it briefly in the datasheet. Also it isn't rack-mountable which would be nice - can anyone recommend a similar-spec model that is?

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Hi matthew020,Another option

Hi matthew020,

Another option that you may check for a small business firewall/router is the Cisco RV082 ( This is rack mountable and also supports VLAN. Feel free to message directly for further help. Hope this helps! :)


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Thanks but the RV082 doesn't

Thanks but the RV082 doesn't appear to be gigabit lan. And if you compare all the RV models, it says for all of them Rack Mounting Kit n/a, but I don't know if that just means they don't come with a kit, rather than that they cannot be mounted.

But am I correct in thinking that bandwidth can be allocated separately to each VLAN?

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Hello,The RV180 supports


The RV180 supports Priority Bandwidth Allocation, you just need to change the settings of the router. For more in depth discussion, have you contacted a local Cisco representative already?


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