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RV180 VPN Tunnel to RVS4000 Not Connecting

I'm replacing my RVS4000 with the RV180 but having VPN connection issues with the RV180.  Let me know the VPN tunnels work perfectly fine on the RVS4000.

I have configured my RV180 for 3 VPN tunnels.  My ISP is Comcast (cable) Business class with a Static IP. 

First VPN tunnel is to another Comcast ISP and the VPN works flawlessly - connects immediately.

Second VPN Tunnel is to Business class ISP (Verizon-NJ) and VPN will NOT connect.

Third VPN Tunnel is to Business class ISP (Cox Network-VA) and VPN will NOT connect.

I had opened both the RVS4000 and RV180 up on a browser and both settings from the units were idential.  I reconnect the RVS4000, VPN tunnels work great, I unplug and reconnect the RV180, the Comcast VPN works, but the other two do not.

From what the log is saying "[IKE] WARNING: no phase2 found" and the other says "[IKE] ERROR: remote identifier not found".  It has to be something with the RV180 that I'm missing or possibly configuring incorrectly. 

Any advice would be helpful.


Re: RV180 VPN Tunnel to RVS4000 Not Connecting

Hi Steven, no phase 2 sounds like the ipsec parameter is not defined. The second error, sounds like a remote WAN ip is not defined.

Can you post screen shot of the RVS4000 config and the RV180 config for the tunnels?


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RV180 VPN Tunnel to RVS4000 Not Connecting


I provided several images that you can look through. Please let me know what you think could be wrong.  In the first image the identifier shows but that would should the WAN IP when I have it online, but for some reason it's showing up as  Also, when I save a settings, the old settings still show up and I have to log off, close the browswer and log back in and the new settings would show up and sometimes the old will show up as well.  But anyhow, please look it over.

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