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RV180W as access point to multiple existing VLans

The company that initially built our network setup sold us two RV180W as accesspoints for internal/Guest WLan provision. In the end they never properly installed them, so I am stuck with solving the riddle …

Q: Is it possible to connect an RV180W with two network ports to two existing VLans on a CISCO 2960 with the following funtionality

- VLAN 100 internal, authentification via Windows2012/Radius

- VLAN 101 guest access to CISCO ASA 5510 direct to Internet

and how am I going to configure this?

I am kind of lost, as I did not find a way to set up different IP ranges on VLAN tagged LAN ports on the RV180W, nor did I find a howto either in the manual nor on the web.

thanks in advance



RV180W as access point to multiple existing VLans

Hi Michael, I believe the AP mode supports up to 4 VLANs.

If you like, we can do a team viewer 8 and work on it.

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Re: RV180W as access point to multiple existing VLans

already toyed around with the router in AP mode. What I understood so far:

- do not use VLan Numbers set up on corresponding ports of other CISCO equipment – the router does not care (understand?) about that,

- do not tag VLans,

- only use VLans to separate port/WLan combinations on the RV180W from each other,


- VLans will be separated,

- the AP will offer different WLans,

- even offer DHCP address leases, though I did not find a way to manipulate IP-ranges or gateway settings in AP mode …

Will have a go next week and try to use routing functionality for our planned external network

- to route the external VLan directly to our ASA Firewall,

- connect the internal VLan to our Win2012 DHCP Server,

- enable Radius authentification on the internal VLan.

Toying around was rather easy with trial and error, but

- reset, reboot and config is sluggish,

- which makes the needed trial and error approach a pita,

- documentation is really bad, it’s even missing the gaps,

- interoperability with business products is neither logical nor reasonably documented.

I run several ten year old linksys APs that are better documented and more straightforward to config.

If this is technical advance I want the developer’s money back …

accept my apologies for the rant


PS and last edit: the thing seems awesome, especially at its pricepoint, but the documentation is absolutely subterranean compared to what the router really offers …

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