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RV180W connect to ASA VPN

I am trying to connect a Cisco RV180W to our existing ASA 5510 VPN.

The ASA 5510 is running ASA version 7.2(4) with 256 MB of memory. The VPN is configured as a dynamic tunnel so that we can have our many dynamic IP addressed routers connect to it. Currently, there are 8 ASA 5505 connecting to it over VPN, as well as 30+ Cisco RV042 running firmware version v4.1.1.01-sp.  3 of the 5505s are static IP, but the remainder are connecting to the VPN with a dynamic address.

I was hoping that the VPN setup on the RV180W would be similar to the RV042. However, it is not. I followed the RV180W admin guide and tried to create a basic VPN with the same settings that the RV042 uses. Following the Administrators Guide instructions for Gateway-Gateway VPN, I created a Basic VPN Setup. I then edited the settings to match our VPN (same settings for Encryption, Authentication, DH Group, and SA Lifetime which work on the RV04.)

I have tried using both the local WAN IP and FQDN (dynamic dns publicly registered name) with no luck.

Are these devices incompatible? Or is there something different I need to do?


RV180W connect to ASA VPN


The devices should be compatible. Can the RV180W ping the ASA from Diagnostics?

- Marty

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