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RV180W ipsec tunnel to vlan1

I've recently set up an RV180W small business router and have the following question:

When creating an ipsec tunnel and enabling a policy allowing access to the vlan1 subnet, which the lan users' workstations are physically connected to, access to the internet drops. When disabling the policy, access is restored.

I need to have access to the vlan1 subnet through the vpn tunnel. How would I go about doing this?

I have no configured the vpn tunnel to access the vlan2 subnet. However, I then don't have access to the vlan1 subnet. From within the LAN, vlan2 routes to vlan1 just fine.But not in the tunnel (which makes sense). Ideally I would just allow traffic to vlan1 when establishing the tunnel but like I said, it somehow intereferes with the lan.

Any guru with advice for me?


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