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RV180w LAN Port Link Speed



I have had this RV180w set up for a while and I had to move it, the move required that the device be power cycled. After plugging the device in I am having trouble with the link pseed of the ethernet ports.

What I am seeing is;
When the link on the router is set to auto negotiate the link speed only connects at 10mb seconds.
If I change the link spped or duplex on the PC (does not matter which PC) it gets disconnected, unless I set it to 10mb or 100mb half duplex.

What I have done is;
Tested the cables, they check out good for 1gb speeds. Swapped cables with new ones to check also.
Manually set the router to a particular link speed, then set the connecting the PCs to match the link. The only time a link gets established is when it is set to either 10mb or 100mb half duplex.
I have rebooted the modem. (soft re-boot through the GUI)
Upgraded the firmware a couple of moths ago but I am not sure of the version right now. I will find out if it is the latest and greatest version.

I did some searching around and cannot seem to locate anything for the link speed on the LAN side.

Has anyone seen something like this before?
Am I missing something in the config that would cause this?

I just want to make sure that I am not missing something somewhere before I blast the config start all over and then wind up repeating same configuration.


Jole, I recommend that you



I recommend that you back up the config and set to factory defaults. If you still see issues with the LAN port speed, open a support case.


- Marty

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