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RV180W: Missing link between LAN & WiFi


I am having trouble with my network. I have a cable modem with an RV180W router behind it. Some computers are attached to the RV180W through wired LAN (some directlt and some via a simple switch) and some via WiFi. The strange thing is that the computers on WiFi cannot see the computers and devices on the LAN via usual names (like \\SERVER\...). I can trick them into connecting if I use IP addresses instead. When I ping e.g. HOMESERVER the name is not found, but if I ping HOMESERVER's IP address it is found after a second or two delay, but the address is still not associated with the IP address. The ping output also looks a bit strange, as it lists what looks like IP v6 addresses. I have previously used this setup with other (cheaper) routers with no problems at all - the problems only started when i bought what I thought would be a premium brand router ;-) Of course all indows network settings have been checked a zillion times ;-)

Any help will be very much appreciated!

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