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RV180w PPTP Connection Problem


I have configured my RV180w with several PPTP users and everything was working fine. I have been establishing a VPN connection from my iMac at home to the office where the RV180w sits.

I recently had to change my modem/router at home to a Netgear D6200 and since then I have had problems. Nothing on the iMac has changed, or the RV180w. I can establish the VPN connection first time every time but when I try and mount a shared folder I get an error saying "Connection terminated by the device", I don't know which 'device' it is referring to! Very occasionally it does connect and I can transfer files, but this is rare.

Can anyone help me identify the cause of the problem please?


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Hi Chris, based off the info,

Hi Chris, based off the info, the problem would be the new modem.

I guess your issue is finding out how that new modem is handling the connections differently or interacting to the RV180 differently.

One thing you may try is to clone the MAC address of your old modem on to the RV180 WAN and see if it somehow "tricks" the situation to think nothing has changed. Another idea is to ensure the new modem port is set to full duplex and remove automatic port speed. And of course, you may want to check vendor documentation and firmware releases for the modem. It might just need an upgrade and reboot.

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Hello TomA colleague of mine

Hello Tom

A colleague of mine suggested that port forwarding on the Netgear should not be needed as it is the Netgear router at home which is initiating the VPN connection, however he suggests that the problem may be because data returning from the Cisco RV180 may returning under a different protocol? I have set up port forwarding for a PPTP service (port 1723) though.

It's a little beyond me, but can you suggest any particular configuration changes I may need to make on the Netgear D6200 to accept data returning from the Cisco RV180w in the office?



Hi Chris, if the netgear

Hi Chris, if the netgear modem is performing NAT and is not supplying your public IP to the RV180 then one of a few things can work;


-As your friend mentioned, port forwarding

-Disabling firewall features on the Netgear

-Creating a DMZ on the Netgear and putting the RV180 in to a DMZ

-Setting the Netgear in to a bridge/transparent modem so it acts only like a modem


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