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New Member

RV180W site-to-site vpn tunnel connected, no lan access

I have configured two RV180's with an ipsec vpn tunnel using the "Quick strart:  Configure Site to Site VPN", the connection is established OK.

I cannot ping or otherwise access any host from either end.  Each end can ping the other's LAN gateway, but not beyond.  I can ping but not (a remote host ip)

I cannot see ay windows shares either (do I need a rule to allow netbios through 137,138/UDP, 139/TCP?).

What do I need to complete the connection?  I figured using the vpn "quick-start wizard" would set up all appropriate FW rules and default routes, but it appears thats not the case?

This VPN Tunnel will Connect to the Following Peers:     Gateway

Connection Name and Remote IP Type

  New Connection Name: vpn

  Pre-Shared Key:      presharedkey

Endpoint Information:

  Remote Gateway Type:     IP Address

  Remote WANs IP Address / FQDN:  WAN.address.of.remote_rv180

  Local Gateway Type:     IP Address

  Local WANs IP Address / FQDN:   WAN.address.of.local_rv180

Secure Connection Remote Accessibility

  Remote LAN (Local Network) IP Address:

  Remote LAN (Local Network) Subnet Mask:

  Local LAN (Local Network) IP Address:

  Local LAN (Local Network) Subnet Mask:



RV180W site-to-site vpn tunnel connected, no lan access

Hello Larry,

Since you can ping both routers the tunnel is up and running correctly.  Usually when you cannot ping a host it is because of the Windows firewall, or some other kind of security software, blocking the ping.  You can try disabling the Windows Firewall temporarily to see if you can ping then.  If that works you can add a rule to the firewall to allow pings in permanently.

As for the Windows shares, you won't be able to browse for them, but you should be able to access them by opening a Windows Explorer window (like when looking at a folder) and typing /// in the address bar.

Since the two ends are in different subnets Windows won't broadcast this information out, but you will be able to access it directly using the above method.

Let me know if that works for you,

Christopher Ebert


Network Support Engineer - Cisco Small Business Support Center

New Member

RV180W site-to-site vpn tunnel connected, no lan access

I cannot connect to any known shares by IP.  I have tried to add a static route, but this system won't allow it (I added a route through the WAN IP).

The other sites' router allowed me to add a static route through the WAN address:

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