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I have 2 Vlans setup on the router. I use 2 vlans to split the network into secure and guest/unsecure networks. For added security I have Vlan 1 with no DHCP and only static IPs With Vlan 2 I run DHCP with IP of However what I would like to do is have static dhcp enabled for VLAN 2. When you go to setup DHCP in the setup field on the browser of the RV180W it has a button for Static DHCP setup. However when I do click to that page it gives me the error of saying the DHCP server is off. Is there a way to make static dhcp work for VLAN 2. I do not want to switch the 2 VLANS around because Cisco makes Device Management hard enabled for VLAN 1. That would defeat the purpose of making VLAN 2 being guest, away from all the administration computers and routers. Guest network I just want to be able to print and surf the web. Can anyone help?

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Hello Nick,

I will lab this during work on Friday. I have experimented with the static DHCP quite a lot but I never considered trying to play with it with the VLAN 1 DHCP disabled. I'll post a result when I find the time to do this.


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Re: RV180W VLan DHCP

Hi Nick,

I did set up a RV180 router tonight. I have created vlan 2. Assigned port 1 as 2 untagged. Removed DHCP from vlan 1. Upon navigating to the Static DHCP there is an indicator "Please Enable DHCP in IPv4 Local Network Page to configure this page."

If you'd like, you may send me an email or private message, I can create a service request and pass the case for review. I do not know if this is by design or if it is a different issue but we can certainly try to find out.

Case #  622847903


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