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RV180W WIFI Issue



I have had the CISCO RV180W Small Business Router for a few years now and it had been running OK up until now. The router appears to be dropping wireless connections at random intervals throughout the day/night. These random drops prevent devices from being able to re-connect to the device until the router has either been re-booted or you wait approx. 10 minutes before trying to re-connect to the wireless network.

I have two SSID's setup, on two different VLANs, one for my main network and another for Guest. Both SSID's authenticate through the same RADIUS server.

When the wireless connectivity drops, wired LAN is still functional. I have manually copied my entire configuration page-by-page, and I have re-stored the routers default configuration, with the latest firmware ( The issues still persist after performing a re-set, the wireless connectivity is still dropping at random intervals.

Not quite sure what the problem is, I don't believe it is an issue with the RADIUS server as devices can't even connect to wireless at all, never mind authenticating against RADIUS.

Appreciate any help from anyone on this issue.



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