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RV180W with Firmware - 100% CPU Problem


Since I updated my Firmware to version my CPU is showing up as 100% used.  I seen a discussion about this issue on previous firmware but I would assume that this issue has been addressed by Cisco.  This products firmware appears to be very buggy with many of the bugs not being sorted with updated firmwares.  Are Cisco dropping the ball on their Small Business range of products.  I for one am not very happy to see known bugs from previous Firmwares remaining after updates. Release notes for FW show the following:

Issues Carried Over from

CSCuc72086 Description—Port forwarding in regards to port range

does not work.

Workaround—Use a single port instead of a port range.

CSCuc55834 Description—Selected smart phones have an

interoperability issue where either the PIN or PBC method

will not work for Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS).

Workaround—If one method does not work, try the other

method or revert back to the conventional Wi-Fi setting.

CSCtr24497 Description—Traffic does not follow the bandwidth limit

when the traffic selector is set to VLAN, DSCP or SSID.

Workaround—Use an IP range instead. To edit a profile

binding rule, go to the QoS > Profile Binding page, find the

rule in the table, and then click Edit. On the Add / Edit

Profile Binding Configuration page, Traffic Selector Match

Type field, select IP Address Range, and then enter the

starting and ending addresses.

CSCtt41705 Description—On the Status > Port Statistics page, the

statistics in the Packets column are not updating to show

the current number of transmitted and received packets.


CSCtq78773 Description—Enabling or disabling multiple SSIDs at once

is taking longer than 1 minute.


This is something you expect from other manufacturers not CISCO. Does this products code need to be stripped back and rewritten to eventually solve some of the bugs in it.  Patches just don't seem to be resolving enough of the current issues.

Any ideas Cisco?

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RV180W with Firmware - CPU Problem

While I have the RV180 (not RV180W), I fully agree.

When I reset or reboot the RV180, the reboot counter starts at 150 seconds.  But it takes another 20-30 seconds AFTER this counter expires before the LAN activates.  And if I log into the RV180 at around 180 seconds after reboot it shows the CPU at over 90%.  If I try doing any configuration followed by a reboot at this point there is a good chance there will be problems.

For example I have been playing with IPv6 throught a 6to4 tunnel on the RV180.  Enabling IPv6 requires a reboot.  So if I do a factory reset (causing a reboot), then do a quick setup (enable PPPoE connection, enable pings, don't block anon ICMP), then enable IPv6 (causing another reboot)...

If I do the quick setup and enable IPv6 reboot as soon as I can log onto the RV180 (about 180 second after factory reset), sometimes there will be something wrong after the second reboot.  For example I have had the PPPoE not take and the RV180 set back to DHCP.  I have also had it show a strange MAC adress for both the WAN and the LAN (this has happened more than once although when it happens it always shows the same WRONG MAC address).

Now if I wait and extra 2-3 minutes (so 5-6 minutes after a reboot) before doing any configurations, or rebooting the RV180, or turning off the RV180, chances for problems seems to be greatly reduced.  Although even after 5-6 minutes the CPU is still over 70%.

All this seems to indicate that the RV180 is really struggling with the current firmware.  It really shouldn't take more than a minute or so for the RV180 to reboot and be ready for configuration.  I don't know if this means the code needs to be stripped back and rewritten, or if maybe the OS just needs to be changed to a more streamlined OS.

Although the best first step might be to find a programmer actually INTERESTED in working on the RV180 and RV180W.

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still not repaired on

still not repaired on

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