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RV215W inbound rules with control ip - cannot open port 25

I have the exact same router, exact same firmware and the this exact same problem.  I cannot open port 25 and specify a range of IP addresses.  This is simply not working.  What do we have to do to get this to work correctly?  When I port forward the SMTP service it allows all IP's and works fine.  When i try to use an Access Rule, it does not work.  Can someone from CISCO help please?  Thanks,

Community Member

RV215W inbound rules with control ip

It's not just single port forwarding that has bugs, the entire router has bugs and simply does not work as advertised. I have found the following bugs/aspects of this router that just does not work correctly: 1. If you have to open ports, and who doesn’t, this router will eventually stop accepting packets from WAN>LAN. You will still have Internet access but no open ports. A reboot will fix this problem. Oh, by the way, this router has no scheduled reboot option! ••ßThat would be a workaround but a welcome one for this router. 2. Firewall Access rules do not work!! Yep, a Cisco router and basic functionality simply does not work. I called Cisco and even though the tech saw the router not working denied it was a bug! Said we have to do port mirroring, setup a workstation with WireShark and capture packets so we can debug the issues! I told him I would have appreciated if Cisco would have debugged the issues with their router BEFOR they shipped the units. Stay away from Cisco Small Business Routers. I wish I had. And if there are any Cisco die-hards out there willing to prove me wrong, just reply to this and please, prove me wrong that the RV series and specifically the RV215W is not JUNK.

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