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RV215W keeps dropping VPN connections

I have an RV215W with the latest FW (.8) and it works fine, until I try to VPN in to my Windows SBS 2011 server. 

If I'm connected, the unit will allow me to stay connected, but it will randomly shut down the ability to VPN in. In fact I have to reboot the router daily, usually early in the morning before the boss gets in and everyone starts working so they aren't punted off the network for a few minutes. 

There has to be a fix for this. There are no schedules set for on/off or restrictions on services at any particular time. This has been going on for a while,and it's making me crazy. Any ideas???


Hi Ray,

Hi Ray,

Thank you for using our community.

You will need to confirm:

1; all the configuration must match between the Router and your SBS 2011 server.

--SA lifetime

--Phase 1 and phase 2

--Security Encryption.

--Dead peer detection on both devices.

--Maybe enable the aggressive mode on both devices.

Please confirm that info.


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Re: Hi Ray,

OK, done as much of that as I can, and the result has been the same. Can you be any more specific about any of the foregoing?

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Re: Hi Ray,

Found the answer to this at long last. So basically what was happening was that the support tunnels were collapsing after 24 hours...or less. Every once in a while (some times several times a day) I'd have to reboot the router, which kicked people off and generally created a lot of grief for me, including loss of confidence in my abilities. NOT acceptable. So I bought a support contract for this unit. After days of back and forth with support in the Phillippines with a nice lady who was in way over her head, I decided to try another brand of router. It worked instantly. It's been up for weeks with no hiccups at all. 

Searching through Amazon reviews, online commentary etc, I find that this is a HUGE problem with the entire RV series that no one has an answer for. Additionally, they're INCREDIBLY slow. 


Cisco, why are you continuing to take people's money for this PoC? Why are you putting these out there with your name on them??? Why are you selling support contracts for a product that CANNOT be supported?? Why are you cheapening your brand so badly, and giving CC professionals a bad name?? Especially when they're twice the price of a TP-link product that works twice as well???

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Re: RV215W keeps dropping VPN connections


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Re: RV215W keeps dropping VPN connections

I had a mitfull of log reports, sent them to the support person who said she found nothing out of the ordinary.  And of course, the server IS connected to the router all the time.

This is a systemic Cisco failure. These units ought to just NOT be out there. If Cisco were Ford, they’d have been recalled by now.  

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