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RV215W & Random SSL Certificate Errors - Common issue?

I'm having an issue with newly installed RV215W displaying random SSL certificate errors, at times, when accessing random websites and also Exchange e-mail. It happens on all devices and on multiple websites - and sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Yes, I upgraded the firmware to the latest version.


I originally planned to return this router, and buy a different version of the RV series, but it appears other Cisco RV devices have similar issues. Cisco support didn't have an answer. I'm wondering if anyone has any new suggestions? I've read other threads about this issue:


Thank you!!!

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FYI... I fixed this program

FYI... I fixed this program by setting the DNS servers to the specific servers that my ISP was assigning. I still left the WAN IP as dynamic, but I overrided the DNS settings. I hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

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For anyone who has this issue

For anyone who has this issue in the future with this router, hard code the DNS, it works.  See the attachment for a quick reference.

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