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RV220w and Catalyst 3750 wireless issues

I have a Catalyst 3750 that was already configured with a minimal setup and integrated into one of our labs. The 3750 works fine and does everything we need it to for our internal wired network for that specific lab. The owners of the lab are trying to integrate an RV220W into the lab. So i am trying to set up this RV220W as just an access point as was requested. I've disabled all of the extra features on the device so it is being used as a WAP/Router. We have separated the 2 networks into separate VLAN's. VLAN 2 is used for the wireless, VLAN1 is used for the wired. The wired works great. I can connect to all devices on the cisco switch through the RV220W and vice versa.

We have tried disabling the RV220W's dhcp and using the rv220 as a dhcp relay from a server in the lab but it has the same results, so we've disabled dhcp from the lab and are using it on the rv exclusively since everything else is static.

Cisco3750 <----> RV220W <---- wireless/wired devices.

192.168.10.x for the wired network.

192.168.2.x for the wireless.

I can ping both sides of the VLAN's(If i have .10 IP, I can ping for wireless VLAN on the router) when wired into the RV or plugged directly into the switch... Here it comes...

as soon as i connect the RV220w into the Catalyst switch the wireless gets EXTREMELY intermittent. The network shows up then doesn't show up in available networks. When i try to connect to it, it will time out and connect back to other available networks. As soon as i unplug the device from the switch the wireless is stable and there are no problems connecting to it.

We tried using a Dell switch instead of the Cisco to test, the wireless is stable. Wireless assign's a .2 subnet IP as it should and i can connect to everything on the Dell switch(.10 subnet) and vice versa. Also connected this device into a couple different 3750's and had the same issue. They are not heavily configured so many default settings may still be enabled.

Also tested 2 other devices on the Cisco switch, a linksys WAP and a Netgear Router. Both acted the same. I don't think it is the RV220W. I'm sure i'm missing something on the Cisco switch.

Any help is appreciated.


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RV220w and Catalyst 3750 wireless issues

Lets see--- Cisco RV220W connected to a Cisco Catalyst 3750-E and you can not get the RV220W wireless to work. But the RV220W works just fine with a Dell router/switch.

Maybe its a Cisco to Cisco compatibility issue. This should work fairly easy unless it is Cisco's way to force a module purchase for the E-Series Catalyst.

Hopefully there will be a solution provided in this support forum?


RV220w and Catalyst 3750 wireless issues

Hello Lyle,

Can you check the spanning-tree active to see if the portfast negotiated for the link between the cat and the RV220W?

May also want to check the log to see if a BPDU is received on the port.

I would also recommend to set the RV220W system mode from NAT to router and ensure all connecting go through the ethernet ports, not the wan/internet port.


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RV220w and Catalyst 3750 wireless issues

I'll check these settings when i get back to the lab in the second half of my day and get back to you

I have already changed the RV220W from gateway(NAT) to Router before making the post. Forgot to mention it in the above wall of text, all connections are going through the LAN ports. The lab is completely internal, as of now the WAN port isn't in use.



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RV220w and Catalyst 3750 wireless issues

One of the other tech's has been working on this issue. He may update here but maybe he's forgotten. Checking STP it shows the port as forwarding, not blocked. Portfast and BPDU guard & filtering is disabled by default it appears. However i did notice something different. There are 2 switches setup,a Dell and a Cisco with 1 wire between them. Port 24 where the Cisco jumps to the Dell was receiving BPDU and changing the link to down. This only happened after a reboot of the switch. I do not think someone had configured settings and forgot to save them to the config, the switches get powered off every night. We started using port 23 since 24 is in use, upon connecting the RV into 23 i did not see any BPDU tags received or sent, the wired connection works fine through the RV then through the Cisco. The wireless is still intermittent though.

I believe the other tech was going to mess around with the Portfast settings(enable it since it is disabled) and see if it has any effect. I'll update as we try different things on this issue.

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