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RV220W Max DHCP Users (Max Connections) per Vlan

We assign (reserve by MAC actually) static IPs to all of our devices.  Over time we have gotten rid of some devices but haven't begun (or finished really) re-using the old IPs.  On our WRVS4400N v2 routers we are able to set the max number of DHCP users per Vlan.  This prevents unauthorized devices trying to connect to our LAN.

For example.  I set the range from -  IPs 100, 101, and 103 are in use (reserved via MAC address).  We set max number of DHCP users to 3.  This prevents someone from gaining access to  Does this make sense?  Or at least this was the initial goal and it tested out successfully back when we implemented it.

How can I do the same for with the RV220W?  I can set the range, assign static IPs (reserve IPs by MAC address), but can't keep others from gaining accessing to our LAN via the unused IPs (not assigned a static IP).

My initial thought was to create static IPs (for the unused IPs) using dummy MAC addresses.  I'm sure there is a much better way of accomplishing what I am trying to do.


RV220W Max DHCP Users (Max Connections) per Vlan

Hi Curtis,

Thank you for posting. If all of your devices have a static IP address, why not just disable the DHCP server altogether?

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RV220W Max DHCP Users (Max Connections) per Vlan

I still want to use the DHCP server because we don't configure the IPs in the devices.  I shouldn't have mentioned static IPs.  That was bad word choice on my part.  We reserve IPs by MAC address in the router, then usually set the maximum number of DHCP users in the router.  The RV220W seems to only allow start and end IPs addresses.

RV220W Max DHCP Users (Max Connections) per Vlan

The current firmware supports up to 50 entries of MAC/IP address binding.

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