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RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE


I have a RV220W Wireless-N Network Security Firwall caonnecting to a ATT DSL via 2Wire router provided by ATT.

The setup wasworking fine for over six months. Since this morning WAN interface is not connecting to Internet via PPPoE. Don't see any relevent error messages even after enabling debugging and other type of logging options.

The configuration consists of PPPoE profile with username and Password and DNS from ISP enabled.

This profile is used in settin up IPv4 WAN (Internet).  Internet connection type is PPPoE and the profile name is provided

The Connection state on System Summary says "Connecting".

Firmware is -

I already eliminated other type of issues like cable, etc.

Can you please help me in reolving this issue?

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RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE

Hi Shyam,

If you enter the same PPPoE credentials into a PC can it connect to the internet directly through the modem?

Try rebooting the modem and router.

- Marty

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RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE

Marty, thanks for responding

How do I connec from PC using PPPoE cresentials? is there an utility?



RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE

New Member

RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE

Hello Marty:

Thanks for helping out.

I provided incorrect information earlier.

I do have ATT Uverse connection. This waschanged from DSL to Uverse sometime last year.

I don't know if I can use PPPoE connection setting.

The ATT 2Wire modem says the following:

Broadband Link TypeBuilt in modem - VDSL
Connection TypeDirect IP (DHCP or Static)

Now I don't remember how I configuered 220

Do you think I should be using PPPoE, DHCP or static address.

I am tryingt connect to Internet byconnecting to 220.


RV220W - Not connecting via PPPoE


My guess is that DHCP is appropriate. If it will not connect, test a PC by plugging it into the modem and see if it connects. (No PPPoE or static IP on the PC)

- Marty

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